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Trump's Border Wall Just Came Tumbling Down... Before it even got built. By Cabo Free Press writer David Mandich

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It's official. Canada soon will be visa free for Mexicans - Now what Mr. Trump?  Are we going to build 2 walls?

By Cabo writer David Mandich

Trump has made repeated calls for a wall to be built along the US-Mexico border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and refugees. In doing so he raised his stature to super-star among conservatives in this US Presidential campaign.

This week Canada bombed his wall before it even got built. 

Prime Minister Trudeau just announced that Mexicans can enter Canada without visas for up to 6 months beginning Dec. 1, 2016.

Dropping of the visa requirement means any Mexican with a plane ticket to Canada can just mosey across the US/Canadian border which at over 5,525 miles is more than double the 1,933 mile border shared by the US and Mexico.

The US/Canadian border is the longest largely unguarded border between any two countries in the world. 1,000's of miles of forests, mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes, inland seas and tundra. Think Trump's wall will cost billions?  Canada's wall will cost .... no matter - the Canadians will pay.

Trump promises Mexico will pay for a border wall

You can bet that Trump will make those treacherous Canadians will pay for their wall as well. The Canadians won't like it and like Mexico will say they won't pay.  But Trump  will undoubtedly say we can make our own Canadian beer, bacon and maple syrup if they don't pay. And we'll make it all better. Just like American tequila. American tequila?

While staring into my frosty margarita overlooking Cabo's bay and the Land's End arch beyond, I can see hordes of Mexicans sneaking across our northern border. "Criminals and rapists" (per Trump), wearing red and black plaid woodsmen jackets, Canadian Mounties uniforms or disguised as elk.

Flights to Canada from Mexico will be overbooked for years in advance. The only thing that could compete with this coming boom in "tourist" travel would be if Cuba allowed unrestricted travel for its citizens to ANYWHERE!

I don't know why the media hasn't caught on to this new gambit for Mexicans sneaking into the US. It makes walling off Mexico appear all the more irrelevant. Or I should say - a mean, stupid idea fail.

The idea of a 2,000 mile long Mexican border wall inspires and stimulates the imagination of Trump's followers. 7,525 miles of border walls on both our northern and southern borders may just thrill them to death. And hopefully so.

Mexico once gave free land to landless American immigrants. 

It's interesting to know who the first illegal immigrants to the West were. According to history books it was the American pioneers who settled in all or parts of Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado and Wyoming when the land belonged to Mexico. Americans then were the uninvited or illegal immigrants if you will.

How did the Mexicans treat the illegal American immigrants?  They said "Bienvenidos Amigos!"  And sold or gave land to them.

Take the Mexican northern territory of Texas for example:

In Texas the offer was 400 free acres with conditions as follows:  The settler had to become Mexican, learn Spanish, become Catholic and improve the land.  400 FREE acres! Not a bad deal for poor landless Americans immigrants from the Eastern Seaboard where all the land was already taken up by earlier waves of settlers.

And as soon as there were enough Americans in Texas and later in California the immigrants ran up a flag and kicked out the Mexican governors and the small Mexican military garrisons.  Hero's they are called by Americans. Something else by Mexico who lost half its territory.

Canada may have demonstrated a good way to compromise the issue of open borders vs. walls by making 6 month visas free for Mexicans. Or maybe Canada just wanted to stick it to Trump.

Canadians are known for having a good sense of humor. And for being thrifty. So, I'll bet you a case of Moosehead beer Canadians won't pay for a border wall anymore than the Mexicans will pay.

Let Trump and his followers pay for the wall if it makes them feel good. The smart money will buy ocean front property in Mexico where it's a fraction of the price of similar property back home.Then learn Spanish and enjoy the fine weather, hospitality and welcoming people of Mexico.

Author David Mandich was born in Los Angeles California. He moved to Mexico in 2000 and became a Mexican citizen in 2007 because: "There were too many Mexicans in California."  He writes for travel magazines and has authored 2 books on Mexico - The Last Bullfight and The Tequila Train - both published by Amazon. 
He can be contacted at:

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