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CRAZY CABO DENTAL CLINIC - The story of Angles Touch Dental, Cabo Soft Dental Care, Dra. Rosa Pena, husband writer David Mandich

History - Angels Touch Dental Clinic, aka Cabo Soft Dental Care, Dra. Rosa Pena History 
By David Mandich former husband of Dra. Pena

Dr. Rosa Pena Consultoria, Angels Touch Dental Clinic and  Cabo Soft Dental Care - don’t be fooled, they are all the same clinic. 

I began Angels Touch Dental Clinic in 2001 using my retirement money investing in new equipment for my  new wife Dra. Pena's clinic. I named it Angel's Touch and promoted the clinic extensively on the internet attracting extensive US media coverage including stories on ABC Good Morning America  the NBC Today Show and newspapers across the country.

In 2001 my timing was right. Dental Tourism was a relatively new story and the name Angels Touch struck an emotional response in our target market of middle-aged consumers who were familiar with the American TV show 'Touched By An Angel.'  And in 2001, not many dentists in Mexico were marketing for dental tourists. Now they all are.

David Mandich (in hat) and wife Dr. Rosa Pena (purple sweater) on Cabo Cruise. 

Over the subsequent years my wife Dr. Rosa Pena's mental health deteriorated and she became schizophrenic. After many breakdowns, and several years of taking her to 3 different psychiatrists - she was still in denial and refused treatment and stabilizing meds. Finally after a 2nd threatening (to me directly) episode in late 2008, I left her. 

I had been aware she had been accused by her former in-laws of murdering her previous husband. And a light slowly came on in my head.  I felt lucky to depart when I did. 

Emotionally vulnerable Dr. Rosa Pena  then hooked up with a Vincent Spencer who was on the lam from the FBI. Spencer defrauded Cabo boat owners, US fishing charter customers and other local Cabo businesses including Joe Tyson of Los Cabos MagazinE. 

He stole tens of thousands of dollars in cash, goods and services in the short time he was in town posing as a tour operator for Hollywood record companies.  His arrest in a massage parlor by Mexican immigration and deportation to the US and the FBI ended the romance. She subsequently was seduced by another new-to-Cabo scoundrel named Enrique Ilitzsky.

He took advantage of her emotional and mental instability, tricked her into a sham Jewish wedding over 2 years before we were divorced. In my absence he stole my identity pretending to be her husband, signing contracts as such and  took over clinic and renamed it Cabo Soft Dental Care.  He fought for control of  the Angels Touch name.. Unfortunately, I owned the domain and had registered the name in Mexico City.

Dental Patients should note: When I managed Angels Touch Dental Clinic, I insisted we use certified specialists for all advanced dental procedures including oral restorations, dental implants, oral surgery etc. 

Enrique Ilitzsky took control of our clinic and now promotes Rosa Pena as a specialist and now she attempts implants, perio, endodontistry and more on unsuspecting patients.

Dr.Rosa Pena has never been a member of any specialist board, never attended any dental specialist college

Dr. Rosa Pena is not a certified specialist in any field. Not endodontics, not cosmetic dentistry, not oral surgery and certainly not dental implants. She is only a general dentist. 

Follow the ADA's advice and be safe and sure of what you are paying for and get a certified dentist when in Mexico not a general dentist out to learn complicated dentistry at your expense. Or you may have to have the work redone later at double the expense.

Dental patients beware - non-certified general dentists like Angels Touch Dra Pena will attempt advanced dental procedures on you. Why? They do it for the money and can get away with it in Mexico. They would lose their license if they attempted an implant or root canal on you in the US - or worse - go to jail for repeated offenses. 

Certified dentists often have to redo shoddy work by general dentists. She has had to redo makeovers other specialists reportedly have had to redo her implants and I personally have a bridge where Rosa pulled a perfectly good tooth playing periodontist.

Example of her false advertising in Cabo Noche magazine - alluding to a contest she allegedly won - she had been doing the magazine publisher's dental work in exchange for advertising in the mag. for years. There was no contest.

I have moved on. I have traveled the US and Asia while her boyfriend Enrique Ilitzsky continues to defame me on the internet calling me an American terrorist etc. He even arranged for a false arrest without due process of myself and another dentist before I left Cabo.

We were out on bail the next day and 45 days later the Federal Court in La Paz ruled threw out their bogus case and soon after had the judge Pena and Ilitsky corrupted removed from the bench when he couldn't explain his actions in this case and others.

 Ilitzsky continues to defame me calling me an American Terrorist on the internet and spends hours each day filling up my mailbox with spam. What an idiot. In the words of Joe Tyson publisher of Los Cabos Magazine "He's a piece of work." 

My former wife Rosa Pena is a nice lady and doesn’t deserve this sick gigolo. She needs professional help. I took her to 3 psychiatrists over time but she wouldn't stay in therapy or continue with meds.

She would take meds and see the shrink each time she had an episode and would beg for me to take her back. But she wouldn't continue with the prescribed programs as  was necessary to maintain her emotional stability.  Like many schizos - she will be in denial until she's had enough heartbreaks or run-ins with the law that she will finally get the message. She's not a well person.

After 10 years of dealing with her schizophrenic episodes which were becoming increasingly violent I left her. 

Advice to prospective Angels Touch Dental Clinic and aka Cabo Soft Dental Care patients -

If you are in Cabo or San Jose del Cabo and need general dentistry - Dr. Rosa Pena is a good general dentist. If you need anything more such as dental implants, perio, endo, surgery, cosmetic dentistry, a makeover etc - see a board certified dentist they have had the training Dr Pena doesn't have. She's is not certified in any specialties and is just learning at your expense.   

Board Certified Dentists cost the same (or even less) then non-certified general dentists in Mexico who prey on unsuspecting foreign patients with their heavy advertising. (This is a huge problem in border towns like Los Algodones).

Rosy, if you are reading this - and I am sure you will - open your eyes and dump Ilitzsky. He's a liar and a thief. He made you participate in business theft, felony defamation, tortuous business interference, bigamy, lying to the court and many other crimes.  

Cabo San Lucas court Demanda for Rosa Pena and Ilitzsky to face felony defamation charges against David Mandich and Dr. Raphael Ramirez.  

  • Ilitzsky posted fake 'David Mandich Wanted'  posters all over Cabo but was caught when a convenience store operator  who witnessed Ilitzsky posting on the store window  and who later identified Ilitzsky in court.

If  readers have any questions on the above please contact me at: yachtdorado@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading,

David Mandich
Cabo San Lucas 

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